Belen Bailey

Sweets by Belen | Houston, TX

If – as they say – we eat with our eyes, then Belen Bailey's pastries would easily be devoured. The Peruvian baker and 8th grade Spanish teacher combine Peruvian pastry tradition with a unique childlike playfulness, the results a smooth mouth-feel of captivating harmonious balance of sweet and textures.

Her cozy and quaint dessert boutique Sweets by Belen in Houston, Texas honors Ms. Bailey’s mother and grandmother who carried the tradition of creating desserts for their family. Now she continues to foster her love for homemade South American pastries and brings those same recipes for us to enjoy. Bailey draws her inspiration from the world around her and from the sublime universe of her memories, shaking up its shapes and flavours with her talent. A sole constant: an insatiable quest for beauty.

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